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FrameBonjour! Je m'appelle Charlotte.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to Maude et moi. I'm bilingual, with a French mother and an English father. I have a degree in French and trained as a primary school teacher and have worked in both English and French primary schools. I really enjoy introducing the French language to young children.


I'm looking forward to sharing with you the wonderful world of Maude et moi which combines songs, stories and fun whilst learning French. Young children have an amazing ability to pick up a second language and the earlier they start, the more likely they are to become bilingual and to have an advantage when language learning at school. Learning a language is also good for mental development and stimulation as well as confidence building.


My aim is for the classes to be like a parent and toddler group with songs and stories in English and French, puppets, toys and crafts. The classes are approximately 45 minutes long, topic based with a snack break half way through. They are also designed to introduce French culture to the children- there are lots of fun customs and holidays that we will celebrate too.

Lots of children (and their parents) can find foreign languages daunting. The number of children who learn a foreign language at school is dropping and according to a recent survey we in Britain have the worst language skills in Europe. I enjoy travelling and having a go at speaking other languages as I travel. I hope that Maude et Moi can give your children (and you!) the curiosity and confidence to have a go too! A bientôt!