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French Songs


French-SongsIt’s so natural to introduce vocabulary through familiar songs. We have lots of instruments for you to use, and song sheets with the words in English and French plus some great cds with all your favourite songs on, just in French. With time the children will start to absorb the words and be able to sing along in French too. L’Araignee Gypsy is my favourite, what’s yours?


Songs are probably the best way to get your children speaking (or singing) in a different language. At Maude et Moi there will be some repetition of songs each week until by the end of a topic the children should be singing along confidently.


You can enhance their learning at home too. In my experience encouraging children to sing along to traditional French songs such as Frère Jacques, Alouette, Dodo, l'enfant do and many more, is very rewarding.  There are lots of clever ways to introduce foreign language learning to children but it should always be fun and unpressurised.  We hope to inspire you to be creative.